Photonics Industries

Greater Copenhagen is working to create a photonics cluster that will be centered in the Copenhagen Photonics Science Park.

Photonics - Albertslund Kommune

Photonics industries develop the light-based technologies that are used every day, like street lighting, flat screen displays, and medical equipment.

These technologies are developing rapidly and will be at the core of future technologies that improve our quality of life.

Photonics technologies open the door to the development of other technologies, like Smart City technologies, that can be used to make future cities more efficient and enjoyable, eg. free acces to WiFi in cities.

In Greater Copenhagen we are particularly interested in the application of photonics, and thus are working to create a photonics cluster in the region that will be centered in the Copenhagen Photonics Science Park, currently the Hersted Industrial Park and home to DOLL Living Lab. 

In doing so we work closely with DOLL and Gate 21 as well as local companies and companies engaging in the innovation and development of light technology in global markets.


DOLL is a photonics-based organization that consists of three laboratories for the development and testing of the future's lighting solutions. With its partners at the Technical University of Denmark's Photonics Department, DOLL is working with photonics to create intelligent urban lighting.

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Copenhagen Photonics Science Park

Building on the existing network of photonics companies that participate in DOLL at the Hersted Industrial Park, Albertslund and Greater Copenhagen are working towards the establishment of a Copenhagen Photonics Science Park. 

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